Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Snooki and Her Night Owl, Baby Lorenzo

Looks like Snooki had one heck of a late night last night. She was up ‘til four in the morning, in fact! Only, she wasn’t out on the town partying it up like old times.

Nope, instead she was at home taking care of her little one, 5-month-old Lorenzo LaValle.

She popped onto Twitter in the wee hours, and shared the above pic of herself with her wide -awake babe in her lap, writing “night owls!”

Even though Snooks recently referred to her little dude as the “best baby ever”, the meatball has one little drawback. “I swear, I think my baby is the only one that just won't sleep through the night!” she tweeted.

Sleep is precious when you’re a new mom, that’s for sure! Are you surprised Lorenzo isn’t sleeping through the night yet?