Credit: Instagram

We all know that Snooki knows how to take care of business, and apparently, her son inherited her skills!

Though we doubt that little Lorenzo knows how to type yet, Jionni snapped a pic of him wearing a tiny button-down shirt and tie today, and then Snooks posted a selfie of her and her baby, captioning it, “My business partner today.”

Credit: Instagram

Aww! Maybe she’s just bringing him around to all of her meetings so that no one can say “no” to her — though honestly, who would? — or maybe she’s developing a new line of baby clothes. The possibilities are endless!

The above photo is the cutest thing ever, but the selfie Snooki snapped (pictured right) is also adorable. Yes, his tie is crooked and he's wearing baby sneakers (or are they socks?) and jeans, but he still looks ready to take on Wall Street.

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