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Snooki may be fully sober now, but that doesn’t mean she was sober during the first few weeks of her pregnancy. To be fair, she had no idea she was pregnant, but in her appearance on The Talk today (July 20), Snooki reveals that she was drinking right up to the last possible minute.

When co-host Sara Gilbert asks Snooki what she was thinking the moment she found out she was expecting, the 7-months-pregnant Jersey Shore star said, “Well, I was kind of like, drunk.” The meatball also admits that, after she took 7 pregnancy tests, she tried to make herself throw up all the alcohol in her stomach.

“I knew I was pregnant, and I was like a little drunk at the time,” she says.

Check out the clip below.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Snooki Says She Threw Up After Her Pregnancy Tests Were Positive (VIDEO)

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