A young lad by the name of Matt Wolf has done his best to capture Snooki’s essence on painted canvas, sharing the results with the world on Twitter.

“Painting portrait of my girl @snooki,” the New York City artiste tweeted on February 28, posting the picture of his creation you see below.

Almost immediately, our favorite under-5-foot guidette responded, tweeting “Can I have this? LOL.”

On his profile, Matt describes himself as “an artist and a little monster for life. I also love to meet celebrities and new friends!” Sure enough, the guy has taken selfies with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Jesse Eisenberg, and the Snook herself — whom he met on February 23.

Funnily enough, the outfit she’s wearing in their encounter is the same one she’s touting in the painting!

The portrait definitely captures Snooki’s fun persona — and her fire-engine red hair — but are you liking the representation? Or have you seen better? Or, better yet, do you think you can do better?! Sound off below.