Credit: Instagram

We already knew Snooki was naturally beautiful, but her latest Instagram selfie is one of the most gorgeous shots we’ve ever seen of her! In the new pic that she recently posted, Snooki tilts her head to the side, giving us a good look at her lovely lips and eyes, her long black hair worn in pretty waves.

She looks like she’s lying on her stomach on her bed or the floor, as you can see her feet up in the air behind her. “Hey girlfran,” she wrote playfully as a caption. Even though Snooki is known for taking tons of selfies, as her Instagram is full of shots of her doing everything from bouncing on a trampoline to showing off her latest outfits, this pic may be our favorite one yet.

However, from this angle it looks like she’s naked. While we doubt that she is, we wouldn’t be surprised if she rocked her birthday suit on Instagram. Although she’s a meatball mama, she loves to have fun, and since we can’t actually see anything scandalous, we may never know what outfit (or lack thereof) she was rockin’.

What do you think of Snooki’s glamorous new selfie? Is it your fav, or do you prefer other pics of her? Sound off below!