Credit: Mejia / Asadorian / Splash News Photo: Snooki in Seaside on June 4, 2012

Despite spending last year sweating it out in the gym and recently getting down to her goal weight of 98 lbs.,Snooki is now in her second trimester of her pregnancy, and there's just no hiding it.

And while going for a stroll at the Shore probably takes a lot more energy than it used to take, the leopard-loving guidette is still managing to keep up with her Jersey roomies. She even went on a cute date night with her fiancé Jionni over the weekend — a romance we're happy to stalk, uh, we mean, keep up with.

Now that Snooks is doubling in size, it's a good thing she moved out of the party house and into the house next door. Mama needs her rest!    

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