Credit: Don MacCarthy/London Entertainment/Splash News Photo: Snooki and Jionni Kiss at Pure Nightclub in Vegas on September 4, 2011

A little mascara-stained fight on national TV can’t break up Snooki and Jionni.

Although Jionni stormed out of the Jersey Shore house in a rage on Season 4, Episode 8 “Where’s My Boyfriend,” the pint-sized boyfriend is still with his equally pint-sized lady: Snooks.

“Welp, not everything is peaches,” Snooki told fans on Twitter last night after her fight in Italy had aired. “Sh*t happens!”

Snooki then noted that she was going to bed with Jionni, effectively ending anyone’s suspicion that the Florence fight had broken up the pair.

Of course, Jionni and Snooki have been spotted canoodling in Seaside Heights (while filming Jersey Shore Season 5) and around New York City and Las Vegas, where J joined his cute Meatball on her many adventures, so hardcore fans have known for a long time that the pair were still together.

Source: Twitter