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Look, we love Snooki, but even she knows she’s a little bit out there at times. Even so, we didn't see her latest confession coming.

Speaking to Celebuzz in a new interview, Snooks revealed her biggest fears, and made the startling revelation that she believes in and fears aliens.

"I’m scared of aliens … They’re real. We’re not the only planet with civilization,” she declared. Then she added, more jokingly, “I think I'm an alien to be honest," noting that she's probably from planet "weirdo."

We gotta wonder who else she suspects is from Planet Weirdo. Hmmm...

To be fair, Snooks also shared some of her rather ordinary fears, like ghosts and spiders. Check it out below.

Credit: Celebuzz Photo: What Are Snooki's Biggest Fears? (VIDEO)

Source: Celebuzz