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On last night’s Jersey Shore (Season 6, Episode 11: “Awkward”), Snooki, accompanied by the other girls, went to the doctor’s office for a sonogram. When the doctor saw baby Lorenzo LaValle’s, er, anatomy, she pointed out that he’s “definitely a boy.”

The girls thought it was hilarious to see Snooki’s baby’s penis on the sonogram, and they joked about how big it was. Snooki even said that Lorenzo would be the guy all the girls want in school. But apparently when her male castmates joke about the same thing, Snooks turns into a protective mama bear.

Watch Snooki defending her son’s “big balls” in the clip below, before turning on Vinny and Ronnie when they joke that “he’ll grow into them” someday.

Credit: MTV Photo: Snooki Gets Annoyed When Jersey Shore Castmates Talk About Baby Lorenzo’s Penis (VIDEO)