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Snooki Explains Why Her Baby Stroller Was Full of Beer (VIDEO)

On last night’s Snooki & JWOWW (Season 1, Episode 5: "Sober Party of One"), the ladies of the house invited all their friends over to their Jersey City apartment to celebrate the two of them living together. But Snooki didn’t look like she was having any fun, sitting on the couch with her dad and lamenting how being pregnant meant she couldn’t drink.

But in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Snooki admits, “It’s definitely cool to watch your friends be drunken idiots and you’re like, ‘wow, I used to act like that.’” The 7-months-pregnant Jersey Shore star continued, “So now I understand why people were annoyed with me. Because we’re crazy.”

Check out the full interview in the video below, including Snooks’ explanation for why she was photographed pushing a stroller full of beer and alcohol in Seaside Heights while filming Season 6.

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter Photo: Snooki Explains Why Her Baby Stroller Was Full of Beer (VIDEO)

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