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On the penultimate episode of Jersey Shore (Season 6: Episode 12: “Raining Men and Meatballs”), The Situation finally showed off his stripper skills … to mixed reviews from the roommates.

In the clip below, Snooki, Ronnie, and Vinny talk candidly about what it was like to see Mike in his full-on male stripper mode. While Vinny pointed out that “[Mike’s] rhythm isn’t good,” and Ronnie compared The Sitch’s dance moves to “a noodle,” the harshest criticism came from Snooki.

Even though their friendship appears to be renewed and peaceful these days, Snooki didn’t exactly swoon over The Situation’s high-impact striptease and lap dance given to a shocked and handcuffed JWOWW during the episode.

“Mike was a zero,” Snooks said.

Ouch! Watch the full clip below.

Credit: MTV Photo: Which Jersey Shore Roommate Says The Situation Has “No Rhythm”? (VIDEO)

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