Credit: Rick Diamond/ Getty Images Photo: Snooki Poses at the Snooki by Nicole Polizzi Supre Tan Launch on October 15, 2011

Jersey Shore’s Snooki was full of revelations on Tuesday night’s Tonight Show. She told host Jay Leno that ghosts have been trying to feel her chest, that her cats are her “best friends,” and that she weighs a teeny-tiny 103 pounds.

As we reported earlier, Snooki’s goal of reaching 98 pounds (as she told GQ Magazine) is a little extreme, even for a tiny meatball. In fact, her current weight of 103 pounds is exactly the recommended healthy weight for her 4’9” frame. Should we be worried that Snooks is losing a little too much, and bordering on scary-skinny terrirtory?

Judging from this clip, we’re actually more worried that most of the weight is in her bling, bootie platforms, boobs and that new hairdo, which has extensions reaching down to her butt.

Source: NBC

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Credit: NBC Photo: Watch: Snooki Reveals Her Real Weight on The Tonight Show. 11/15/11