Credit: Instagram

Snooki has a wild and fun style, but is her recent fashion choice a bad idea for this mama meatball? Snooki recently Instagrammed a pic of her looking adorable in a pair of stylish shades and a leather jacket, showing off her new, super-long nails for the camera.

She got them done as long and black with yellow designs, and from what we can see they look pretty cool. However, one fan of Twitter pointed out that these super-long nails may not be the best idea for taking care of Lorenzo.

The fan tweeted: “@snooki WOW those nails are sharp... be extra careful around baby...:)”, to which Snooki responded with a tweet she since deleted: “They aren't sharp. It helps get his boogies."

What do you think about Snooki’s crazy nails? Are they potentially dangerous for baby Lorenzo, or do you think they’re just fine? Tell us below!