Credit: Instagram

Uh-oh, what happened to Snooki’s leg?

Even the toughest guidettes get the occasional “battle wound,” but this time we’re not talking about a sunburn from the tanning bed! Snooki recently Instagrammed a photo of her icing her leg with a box of frozen peas, captioning the pic, “Icing battle wounds from the gym.”

It’s no wonder she has some sore muscles, as she’s been working very hard to stay fit lately, going to the gym just about seven days a week! She’s been doing some crazy workout routines lately, and even teamed up with her BFF JWOWW for an intense boot camp session. Who knew that party girl Snooki would become such a fitness guru?


Credit: Instagram

Snooki also maintains her health in the kitchen with fairly strict meal plan that includes yummy and healthy food staples like fruit, yogurt, egg whites, chicken, rice, and broccoli, and she also swaps high-calorie cocktails for low-cal, seltzer-based drinks.

We know mild injuries are a part of working hard, but we hope Snooki gives herself a break and gets better soon!

What do you think of Snooki’s workout “battle wound”? Do you think she’s working too hard, or is this just a sign of hard work? Share below!