Credit: Instagram

Wow! We always knew Snooki was beautiful, but this sneak peek photo she Instagrammed of her cover for Annex magazine is simply stunning. Known as the “dream issue,” the magazine features an editorial spread that Snooki also gave us a special look at!

Woohoo my cover with @annexmag!!! Hello Nicole,” she wrote as a caption. Hello, Nicole, indeed! With bright red lips, big brown eyes, flawless skin, and her pretty black bangs hanging over her eyes, Snooki looks amazing on her cover photo, shown looking off to the side as the camera captures her natural beauty.

With all of the things she’s accomplished this year, we think she definitely deserves this cover that she shot in NYC, and we’re so proud of her for how far she’s come in her career! Next up: an upcoming baby book, fashion line and Season 3 of Snooki & JWOWW, among other projects.

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