Snooki has a lot of haters, but she usually takes it in stride. According to a recent Daily Mail report, though, she’s firing back at one mean tweeter … and trying to get him fired!
Adam Schein, a radio show host for Sirius XM and CBS, tweeted on Monday (January 14), “Just walked by Snooki at SiriusXM. I feel like I need a shower.” Snooks was none-too-pleased with the comment and snapped back, “Why can't you say that to my face though? #toughguy.”

Another sports news tweeter called “Incarcerated Bob” got in on the nasty online action and sent Snooki a series of degrading tweets, after which he updated, “Source: @snooki just went to #XM management trying to get @Adamschein fired for his comments.. she's having a tantrum.”

As noted by the Daily Mail, Snooks did not directly respond to the offensive Tweeters in question -- and Adam Schein still has his job.

If the story is true, though, did Snooki overreact? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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