Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki Twists Her Ankle Twice in New Heels

Uh-oh, it looks like Snooki may be overstepping things, so to speak! She recently Instagrammed a pic of her in her favorite sky-high suede stilettos, alongside the caption, “I twisted my ankle twice already. Kewl.” Ouch!

Remember when Snooks hung out around the Jersey Shore house in her giant fuzzy slippers? Those days are long gone, as our favorite meatball mama has revamped her style, trading in skin-tight cheetah print party dresses for fitted blouses, pencil skirts, and cute heels. Even though her super-high heels are gorgeous and fittingly over-the-top, she kept the outfit simple with skinny pants.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki's Super-High Stilettos

We love her new style and how classy and pulled-together she’s been looking lately, but we do worry about her health! While we understand that 4’8’’ Snooks would want to feel a bit taller sometimes, we’re not sure if twisting your ankle twice in one day is worth the extra few inches. But as they say, beauty is pain, though Snooki looks gorgeous no matter what she wears (even full-body mama PJs).

What do you think about Snooki’s super-high heels? Do you think she’s doing too much and putting her health at risk, or are they perfect for this guidette? Sound off below!