Credit: Twitter Photo: Snooki Shows Off Her Eyeglasses...and More

They say that guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses, but this new photo of Snooki on her Twitter may put a stop to that.

We’re not sure where to look first, so let’s start with the obvious: that’s a lot of boobage on display for almost 4 million people to look at freely. Will Jionni really be okay with that? Or has he eased up those conservative restrictions he used to have in Italy regarding Snooks’ wardrobe? Maybe it’s just his girl’s cooka being flashed about that upsets him. Boobs, schmoobs.

Then there are those glasses! As Snooki tweets, “My nerdz! Can't wait for them to come out in my spring line!!” Her spring line of what, you ask? Her range of sunglasses (and apparently now eyeglasses) that she created with NYS Collection Eyewear

However, the little lady just launched her own boxing team, is allegedly being sued for $7 million, and continues to tour with her just-launched fragrance — does she really need to go and design a line of eyeglasses now? 

Hey, whatever floats her skinny boat. 

Source: Twitter

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