Credit: InTouch Photo: Snooki vs Tanning Mom

Hey, someone had to ask it.

Earlier today, In Touch magazine revealed a newer, paler version of the infamous Tanning Mom (aka, the New Jersey woman who allegedly put her child in a tanning bed). We think that Tanning Mom, real name Patricia Krentcil, looks great minus her burnt ombre coloring, but we couldn’t resist comparing her to another reformed tan-lover: Snooki.

The Jersey Shore star famously dissed Tanning Mom back in May when she called her “crazy” for taking her child into a tanning salon, noting that “everyone” knows that you aren’t supposed to do that. Tanning Mom, never one to mince words, replied that the pregnant star was “fat” and “disgusting,” sparking a feud that inspired a thousand tweets from Snooki lovers.

Credit: InTouch Photo: Tanning Mom Goes Pale

The reality star, who is famous for her orange hue, revealed that she has given up tanning in order to protect the health of her baby. The star debuted her new pale look back in April, much to the delight of her fans.

So, who looks better sans tan: Snooks or Tanning Mom? Vote below.

Source: InTouch

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