Snooki may miss her partying days before Jionni LaValle and Lorenzo came into her life, but she wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in the world. And she’s quickly learning that drinking and babies just don’t mix.

In the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Snooki admits, “I recently went out and the next day my hangover was horrible. I couldn’t move.”

So was all the fun she had the night before really worth it?

“To take care of Lorenzo hung over,” she continues, “oh my God. I will never do it again! A hangover and a baby — it’s seriously the worst.”

Do you think Snooki was being irresponsible, or do you think everyone should give her a break already? Just because you become a mother doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking for the rest of your life. And who doesn’t hate a hangover?

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Source: In Touch Weekly

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