Credit: Facebook Photo: Lorenzo Cuddles With His Cousin Dominique

Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, does adorable things on the daily, but he took things to the next level when he cuddled up to another baby.

Sure, we’ve seen him holding hands with his “girlfriend,” and snuggling with a giant stuffed tiger, but nothing beats his grin and chubby little cheeks as he holds on to his cousin Dominique’s tiny pajamas.

While Lorenzo has had a few play dates already — one with a mystery baby and another with his older cousin — this one is by far the cutest. As they’re sitting on the couch together, Enzo rocks footie PJs and has a big smile on his face while his cousin looks a bit bewildered.

But in another pic that Snooks posted, they’re playing with his little Baby Einstein press and play lion, and we just about died after seeing it.

Though we think it’s great that Lorenzo can play with his cousins, we’d love to see a little brother or sister for him. Since Snooki recently said she wants to “pop out another baby right now,” we’re hoping seeing these two munchkins play together gave her baby fever. Or hey, maybe JWOWW will have a kid first...