Credit: Instagram Photo: Lorenzo's First Haircut

Snooki’s baby Lorenzo was born with a full head of hair, and now has come the time for his baby locks to be trimmed for the first time. Jionni recently Instagrammed this adorable photo of him holding his son, who is looking up curiously at the camera and showing off his first official haircut! Congrats, Lorenzo!

“My first haircut!!!!” the doting dad wrote as a caption, letting us know what his son would say if he knew how to, of course. We’re definitely seeing a resemblance to Jionni in this pic, but Lorenzo still has his mama’s eyes.

Pretty soon Lorenzo will be all grown up and hitting the “bah-bah shop” with Pauly D and Vinny to get a nice fade, or maybe even a baby blow-out! Pauly D definitely seemed insistent on giving the baby guido one when he met Lorenzo for the first time on Snooki & JWOWW.

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