Credit: Instagram Photo: Lorenzo Wears a Miami Dolphins Jersey With Dad, Jionni

No matter how many times we look at Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, we’re still in awe of how cute he is. Whether he’s posing with his mama or rockin’ a SpongeBob SquarePants shirt, we’re obsessed.

But his dad, Jionni, is most fond of him when the little guy’s rockin’ his favorite team’s logo — the Miami Dolphins, of course! Yesterday, the proud papa Instagrammed a pic of them snuggled up, and Enzo was wearing an orange and blue jersey-onesie hybrid. Aww!

No matter what Lorenzo’s wearing, though, he’s cute as a button. His chubby little cheeks and expression-filled eyes are too much for us to handle sometimes!

Do you think that Lorenzo will grow up as a Dolphins fan, or will he betray his dad’s favorite team? Sound off below!