Credit: Snooki's Twitter

If you're a brunette and you get your hair dyed a lighter color, chances are there will be a moment where your hair is bleached blonde. If you're Jersey Shore's Snooki, you'll document that stage, so that we can compare the midway look and the finished product. (Thanks, Snooks!)

As you can see in a split pic above, Snooki is currently rocking a bright red head of hair. But we were kind of intrigued by the blonde photo she posted back when she initially got her dye job.

So, we want to know: Do you like Snooki's final look, or would you prefer to see her try out a bleach-blonde look for real? She would be the first Jersey Shore guidette to rock a full head of blonde hair, after all, and she could experiment with plenty of different shades. 

Vote for your favorite look below, and feel free to hit the comments with your reasoning!

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