Credit: Splash News

Now that Snooki and JWOWW have officially started filming their Jersey Shore spin-off show in Jersey City, it looks like Meatball #1 took it upon herself to purchase a new ride. And oh, what a ride it is.

Spotted outside her new digs on Mercer Street, Snooki drove up in a custom black and hot pink Cadillac Escalade, with a Hello Kitty graphic on the rear window and “Boss Lady” emblazoned above the rear bumper. In pink, of course.

We love this new development in cars as accessories, especially because it’s a sign that Snooki and JWOWW vs. the World will portray the girls realistically: they’re mini-moguls who can rent a huge, renovated loft, drive super fancy cars, and have anything custom-made. They’re rich, and they don’t need part-time jobs at the Shore Store to pay their rent.

We’re not sure what’s funnier — the fact that there are actual people who consider Snooki their boss, or the size disparity between our tiny meatball and a giant car. Can her feet, even in 5-inch platforms, reach the brakes?

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