Earlier today, TMZ reported that Snooki's muscled ex, Emilio Masella, told them he hopes Snooks has a miscarriage. Now, Emilio claims his words were totally misconstrued.

"I never, ever would say that I hope Snooki has a miscarriage," he told Radar Online. "What I meant is that I hope she's not really pregnant because I want a future with her and don't want her having a child with some other dude."

He also said, "I hope this is just a publicity stunt, because she parties too much, she drinks too much and she's not ready for a baby."

Even if it's true that TMZ made up the quote about the miscarriage (which we kind of doubt), this new statement isn't that much better. Getting all judge-y about someone's ability to raise a child, dissing her relationship, and then claiming you want to be her baby daddy is not normally the way to a girl's heart.

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Source: Radar Online

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