Credit: MTV Photo: Snooki's New Boyfriend Emilio

Snooki's memorable ex, Emilio Masella, is trying to make his flash in the pan Jersey Shore fame last as long as humanly possible by delving into the world of unfunny video blogging. He's signed on with RadarOnline to do a series of video blogs following every week's Jersey Shore, and last week's was particularly painful. He comes across like a nervous, terrible comedian in the world's worst stand-up routine, constantly consulting his notes, and making really obvious observations ("concepts," as he calls them).

For example: Why does JWOWW start every sentence with "at the end of the day"? Why don't Ryder and Deena know each other if they're both Snooki's besties? Why would Sammi betray Ron's flawless bod by bringing him pizza? And the like. Except with "jokes" inserted.

You can check out his video blog here. Fair warning: it's 5+ minutes long, so you might want to quit after you get the feel of it, lest your brain melt.

Source: RadarOnline