JWOWW and Roger may be saving lives and staying dry in New Jersey at the moment, but they still have a big, fat Jersey Shore wedding to plan. And they’re already getting a little help from JWOWW’s new maid of honor, Snooki

Speaking to Access Hollywood, JWOWW revealed one of her BFF’s first good deeds as second-in-command.

“Nicole got me a wedding planner book, which is amazing because the little things I didn’t think of, it’s in there,” JWOWW says.

Snooki’s act of kindness might also be the meatball’s subtle way of steering JWOWW towards a more practical, traditional type of wedding. As the pair told Wetpaint Entertainment recently, JWOWW wants “a sh*t show in Vegas,” while Snooki wants to get married in a more subdued ceremony in a church.

Either way, at least JWOWW’s wedding plans are moving along without a hitch. Even if her fiance is busy rescuing Hurricane Sandy victims at the moment, they can rest assured that Snooki has everything under control. For a change!

Learn how to help victims of Hurricane Sandy here.

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Source: Access Hollywood

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