Credit: Wagner Az/ Photo: Snooki and Jeff Slobber All Over Each Other

Wanna date Snooki? The road to wooing the tiny, tanned guidette might be harder than you think!

In tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore, Snooki makes a list of qualities for her ideal guy and shares it with JWOWW. Her standards are surprisingly high. For one thing, a juicehead who isn’t a jerk-off and likes to sleep in is a must. A not-so-surprising ideal quality? “Must be a nympho.” Hey, Snooki’s got her needs.

But for all would-be Mr. Snookis out there, we’ve the full list of qualities she looks for in a man:

Big sense of humor
Likes to party
Fistpumps and frolics
Isn’t a jerk-off
A dork at heart
Smells good
Pays for meals
Likes pickles
Takes an interest into my hobbies
Not so serious
Likes to sleep in

And what about her favorite places to Snook for love? "The gym, the beach, Ed Hardy store..." We seriously doubt the busty guidette has ever set foot in a gym, even to cruise for dudes. Can you imagine her in a little workout outfit and ponytail strutting around the weight machines not so subtly asking guys how tall they are? Although looking back on this list, maybe Snooki and Jon Gosselin have a future together.

Source: The Hollywood Gossip