Talk about excessive accessories! It’s hard to even pick out the clothing in this get-up Snooki wore yesterday for her big Home Shopping Network appearance … but that’s how Snooks rolls, and there’s something to be said for her consistency in taking things over the top!

Snooki tweeted this shot of herself posing with a peace sign just before heading onto HSN to debut her second perfume and nail polish line. Her outfit starts out simple — a lace skirt and black blouse — but she piled on the accessories to give it that classic guidette flair. She added chunky bracelets, massive earrings, a thick gold belt, layered necklaces, a giant floral hairpiece and crazy, star-embellished platform shoes.

What a look!

So, is it hot or not? You tell us! Hit the comments and let us know your reactions to Snooks’ HSN look!

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Source: @Snooki

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