Credit: Photo via Photo: Snooki Takes Zantrex

There is no arguing with the fact that Snooki is looking great as she tapes the newest season of Jersey Shore in Florence; she has slimmed down, firmed up, and continued her successful diet regimen while in Italy.

But now it seems that her transformation took more than just hard work and salads. Not only did Snooki tweet a picture in March that shows a bottle of Zantrex on her dresser, she is now pimping the product as well.

Today, she tweeted, “Tons of good food here! Continuing my workouts and does anyone know where I can find some Zantrex fat burner in Italy? I am running out!”

This is the first we’re hearing about the diet supplement, Snooks! And we just gave you props for getting healthy the right way. What happened to egg whites, Zumba, and lots of water?

Source: Twitter