Credit: StClair/Macpherson / Splash News Photo: Snooki in Florence on May 16, 2011

Before the cast headed over to Italy, it was rumored they were trying to learn Italian. We're sure they have the basics covered by now. "Where is the bathroom?" "How much does this cost?" But let's be honest, sometimes we need a translator when they're speaking English, so we can only imagine how much they’ll butcher another language.

We thought we'd tap into our high-school Italian classes and do Snooki a favor. Let's translate the 10 things she's most likely to say while in Italy (while taking into account that most languages don't directly translate into "Snooki," a complex dialect made up of sounds like "waaaah" and a 22-letter alphabet.)

1. Do you want to smush?

Vuoi smushare?

2. Where is my hairspray?  
Dove è la mia lacca per capelli?

3. It was like putting a watermelon into a pinhole.
E 'stato come mettere un cocomero in un foro stenopeico.

4. I'm a f**king good person!
Sono una persona buona, maledizione!

5. Do you have any pickles?
Avete dei sottaceti?

6. I think my crotch is sticking out.
Penso che la mia f*ga è un po' fuori.  

7. At home, I'm a princess!
A casa, io sono una principessa!

8. I need to find a guido.
Ho bisogno di trovare "un guido."

9. I'm not white, I'm tan.
Io non sono bianca, io sono abbronzata.

10. What did I do last night?

Cosa ho fatto ieri sera?