As every Jersey Shore fan with an Internet connection probably knows, there are some pretty intense Snooki pregnancy rumors floating around. Although there has been no official word from MTV or Snooki herself, sources are popping up all over the place claiming the guidette does have a bun in the oven. This leaves us wondering: What does that mean for Jersey Shore Season 6?

Recently, sources told the New York Post that MTV is still planning to shoot Season 6 in "early summer” — but they're still not sure how Snooki, who they claim is pregnant, fits in.

“They [may] throw [Snooki] a Jersey Shore baby shower, or have her just pop in from time to time," one source said, confirming our suspicion that Snooks couldn't possibly live in the booze-soaked Shore house while pregnant.

Based on what these sources say, it sounds like MTV plans to bring back the rest of the old cast, instead of shaking it up with a whole batch of newbies. Either that, or they're thinking about forcing a bunch of total strangers to throw Snooki a baby shower. Not that we'd put that past them...

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Source: New York Post

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