Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: The Situation Consoles Ronnie on Jersey Shore, February 17, 2011

While the season finale of Jersey Shore was a tad anti-climactic this time around (which, if you ask us, might be because it focused too much on Ronnie and Sammi, but we're just saying...), co-creator and executive producer, SallyAnn Salsano, assures us that we're going to see a world of change between the finale last week and the reunion show airing this week.

"Stuff has completely changed," the exec teases to Entertainment Weekly of the time lapse between the finale and reunion special. Most MTV reunion shows just recap the season, maybe screen some never before seen blooper reels, but, SallyAnn reveals, in this reunion show, we'll see a lot of new video footage "that connects the dots, and there’s a lot of stuff that ends up coming out." She also teases that the Ronnie/Sammi update segment will fill in the deets of their messy breakup on the season finale to the fallout since. And, for Snooki/Vinny fans who want to know more about their friends with benefits arrangement and how exactly it fizzled out, we'll see a segment devoted to that couple as well.

Stay tuned to MTV on March 31st to catch the Jersey Shore reunion special.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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