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Sweet Moses Malone. The Canadians have lost their minds. No, don't worry, gay marriage is still legal and pot is still decriminalized. But, in trying to compete with the American cultural phenomenon that is Jersey Shore, they created a monster. An ugly, slutty, bigoted monster. The Canadian version of Jersey Shore, titled Lake Shore, will follow eight 20-somethings in Toronto as they party it up, Ontario-style.

Unfortunately, in lieu of collecting a colorful cast from one wild culture and portraying how they live and play together as a family (like Jersey Shore did with Italians), they chose to pick eight cast members from different ethnic backgrounds, nickname them based on that background, and then watch as they all hate on each other. For example, Karolina, "The Pole," drops this gem on us: "I’m not racist. I hate everybody equally. Especially the Jewish people." We wonder if there will be any tension between her and Robyn, "The Jew." Joey, "The Italian," has a hard hat bearing the title "#1 Wop," while Downtown D, "The Albanian," declares, "You can be gay, as long as you don’t get anywhere near me."

Is this really the best way to showcase Toronto as a multi-cultural city? Did we mention "The Vietnamese" girl's name is Anni Mei because her friends say she's cartoon-y? This all leaves a very bad taste in our mouths. Jersey Shore was ridiculous, yes, and, in some people's opinions, offensive to Italians and denizens of New Jersey, but the macaroni rascals were never bigoted or hateful. Ballsy move, CTV. We hope Lake Shore doesn't ruin people's perceptions of Toronto (it really is very lovely).

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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