Credit: David Livingston/ Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images Photo: Surprising Celeb Look Alikes: David Boreanaz vs. Ronnie Magro

Here's a Wetpaint pair we never expected. On the surface,  David Boreanaz and Ronnie Magro don't seem to have much in common. After all, one's the beloved star of the long-running network crime serial Bones, while the other's a hulk-like, roid-raging guido reality star on MTV's Jersey Shore.  David's been around since the 90's when he played hottie vampire Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off, Angel, while no one had even heard of Ronnie until last year.

But looking at them, we realized: Despite their differences, David and Ronnie kind of look alike. A lot alike, actually. (Imagine Ronnie trying to play David's brooding vamp role. Now that's funny.) So who's cuter?