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This is why you should always check your sources, folks.

As we've previously reported, there's currently a rumor floating around the internet that Jersey Shore's very-pregnant Snooki once said she would never change her kid's diapers or cook for him, because “that's what maids are for.” However, the quote is completely unsubstantiated it's been slapped on a random screenshot of Snooki on a talk show to make it look legit, but as far as we know Snooki never said it, or anything even remotely like it.

Apparently Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans didn't get the memo, because yesterday (August 14) she tweeted out the image, saying, "omg, no offense... but yu call ME a bad mother... but look what @snooki said about her baby... thats straight F****D UP."

When a fan pointed out to her that just because the quote's on an image doesn't make it true, Jenelle replied, "uhmm... yu can WATCH the interview online... it's all true." We'd love it if she'd point us to where we can watch this legendary interview, since the video doesn’t exist.

According to Jenelle, instead of replying, Snooki just blocked her.

For the record, while Snooki may not have directly responded to Jenelle, she did tweet yesterday, "FYI, I can't wait to change my kids shitty diapers & I don't even believe in maids. Just sayin."

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