Credit: Samantha "The Canadian Model's" Facebook Photo: Samantha Captures Herself on Film
The paparazzi recently filmed Samantha “The Canadian Model” walking back to the car on The Situation’s arm after visiting him on DWTS. The Jersey Shore one-night stand-turned-Reality Queen of the Week is attempting to use her memorable MTV appearance to launch her modeling career. Pretty ingenious, if you ask us. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want anyone to forget exactly what she’s famous for: In this 30 second video clip from TMZ, she uses the word moan about 20 times. Samantha “I’m a moaner” Kumar is all, “I was doing my thing.” Moaning, you mean? “You know how it is. When you’re having a good time, you’re gonna be moaning.” Groan.

And of course, in response to allegations that The Sitch has a tiny Situation, she says, “I think the moaning explains it all.”

Source: TMZ

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