Credit: Eddie Mejia / Splash News Photo: The Jersey Shore Girls Go Tanning in Seaside on June 27, 2011

The macaroni rascals have only been back in Seaside Heights filming Season 5 of Jersey Shore for two days, but the guidettes are already back to the grind. We're pretty sure their tanning options were few and far between in Florence, so the ladies got back to the tanning salon stat to warm up their fluorescent summer glows.

Snooki, Deena, and JWOWW all donned their workout gear, suggesting that hitting up the gym was next on the list. Good news for Snooki, who has definitely been keeping up with her workout regimen in potentially-carbicidal Italy. She's still looking trim after six weeks in the motherland. Deena, classy as ever, picked a frontal wedgie on her skin-tight booty shorts just as a paparazzo snapped her picture. Totes mort! Sorry, Deena. We all do it, but we probably don't get caught as often as you do.

We can only assume that a fresh fake nail application would round out the day for the ladies, but, in any case, it looks like another Jersey Shore summer stateside is in full swing.

Source: RadarOnline