Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Snooki Asks Vinny to Snuggle on Jersey Shore, March 4, 2011

Brad Ferro, better known as the guy who jacked Snooki in the face during Season 1, finally making her likable to her Jersey Shore castmates, and finally shocking the show into the ratings machine it is today (Jersey Shore premiered pretty lamely and didn't really take off until the punch heard round the world), is having such a hard time finding a job after his five minutes of reality fame, he's been forced to enlist.

To be fair, he was charged with a count of simple assault, had to pay a $500 fine, and served six months probation for his crimes against Snooki, so that probably made finding a job a little harder, too. Siince he's hard up for work, he's enlisted in the Army as a Calvary Scout, which apparently means he's "the eyes and ears on the battlefield." If it comes down to hand-to-hand combat with 4'9" girls on the field, he's sure to be a hero.

Source: TMZ