Credit: Macpherson/Stclair/Prahl-Splash News Photo: Jersey Shore Cast in Florence

Jersey Shore Season 5 doesn't air until January 15, 2012, but we're already working on our spray tan in anticipation of this televised ray of summer during the cold, dark winter nights.

According to the cast in this new interview, we have a lot of good old fashioned Shore adventures to look forward to, not to mention plenty of Pauly D and Vinny's bromance. But in case the rumors about this being the season of "fun" have you worried about getting bored, Snooki has some reassuring news: The cast is still like siblings, and, like siblings, they get sick of each other and start fights. So there should be a large dose of drama sprinkled in with the GTLing.

In our opinions, that's a good thing. There are only so many hours of drunken Team Meatball escapades that we can handle before we get bored.

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Credit: Hulu Photo: The Jersey Shore Cast Talks Season 5 Fights (VIDEO)

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