If you've been online at all today, you've noticed a viral movement away from the emoticon. That's right the dreaded smiley face we all secretly use when we have nothing else to say in texts, or when we want to say something really rude but then decide at the last second that we need to tone down our tone is being called out as offensive, and even worse, o-v-e-r. Just a quick glance at our Twitter feed led us to some serious emoticon offenders. See what we mean:

@DeenaNicoleMTV: Uhgggg sick in beddd..what an annoying :(
The newest Jersey Shore member, Deena, is trying to get her point across that she's under the weather. Instead, she decided to stop writing and just use a sad face to tell us how she really feels. Use your words, girl. #typingfail

@JENNIWOWW: If u can't understand why people r the way they r just accept it :) don't beat urself up over the unknown and know u can only control u!
Meet JWOWW, the self help guru. Her use of the emoticon was useless and actually made her semi-serious thought look like a 4th grader read it off of an inspirational poster on the bullet board in her classroom. And let's face it, JWOWW prob did just that.

@VINNYGUADAGNINO: this girl is actin cold towards me. I said "whats up" she gave me a "nm, u?" ):
Mental note: responding to a text that you're not doing anything makes Vinny frown in emoticon form.

@DJpaulyD_: Busy Allllll Dayyyyyyy ,,,, Ill Tell You Why Later (;

We're glad Pauly used this emoticon here, because if he hadn't, we would have thought he was actually busy and then worried that we should stop making fun of him for being a reality star who does nothing but GTL all day. But with this use of emoticon, we realize that no, he's still "busy," meaning he's not so busy at all...

@Sn00ki: Cuddling with the coolest cat Ever : Rocky, my best friend :)
Snooki's use of this smiley solidifies the fact that she is indeed five years old and tweeting about her fuzzy feline friend.


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