Credit: MTV Photo: Angelina vs. Snooki
Angelina's nasty habits of scooping up Snooki's sloppy seconds are no longer confined to Shore housemates. Angelina and Snooki's ex Jeff Miranda are now officially — albeit secretly — a couple. Confused? Join the boat.

Try to keep this straight: Snooki dated Jeff. Jeff proposed to Snooki on the cover of a magazine. She said no and was so freaked out by the stunt that she claimed they were never even a couple and Jeff was just a fame whore. Angelina said she was also dating him a when the magazine fiasco went down. Jeff denied involvement with Angelina (who wouldn't?), and Angelina later smacked Jeff across the face with a microphone in a strip club. Snooki and then Jeff broke up, and Angelina and Jeff are now together. Sort of.

The two were spotted together at 118 Lounge in New Jersey the other night, which Jeff admitted to, saying, "We were just hanging out." But the next night they were out to dinner at Rio Rodizio. Jeff won't confirm that the two are an item. Get your story straight, Miranda, and in the future, maybe only date one crazy star per reality series. Does anyone know if Bristol Palin is Snookin' for love?

Source: RadarOnline