Credit: CPA, Photo: The Situation on the Red Carpet For Headrush Apparel at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas on February 13, 2012

The Situation’s most recent career move seems to further validate his persona as a troublemaker, and also serves to prove that Jersey Shore fans will pretty much show up to the opening of an envelope as long as the castmates are there.

According to, The Situation is planning a string of DJing gigs in Australia for the weekend of February 24 to 26 (also known as Oscar weekend!). He’ll be joined by his brother Marc, who may or may not be the brother who does sex with Deena Nicole’s sister Joanie.

According to the Melbourne nightclub Eve’s Facebook site, “The Situation is sure to get you on the dance floor, both hands in the air and fists pumping as he mixes current commercial, house and RnB hits.”

Gee, isn’t that Pauly D’s job? As in, what he has been doing for years and has made a career of? Leading to a spin-off show focused entirely on DJ’ing?

Just in case anyone was wondering, Ronnie and Vinny have both made appearances as DJs in the past, true. But something about The Situation makes us think he’s only doing this to usurp some of Pauly D’s mojo.

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