Credit: Nathanael Jones/Pacific Coast News Photo: The Situation Gives the Photographers Some Love on His Way Into DWTS Rehearsals on September 14, 2010
Sounds like Playgirl won't be making Mike any offers to clone and mass produce his "business." In the shock of the year, one of The Situation's recently bedded conquests has revealed that his other Situation (not his abs, folks) is less than impressive.

"Let's just say, I'm thinking of my pinky," said club promoter Melody Eckerson, who went on to knock his stamina as being equally underwhelming. The Situation’s poor performance dissuaded her from pursuing a relationship with the famous guido. "I wouldn't even call it a one-night stand, because he only lasted a few minutes," she said. Harsh. We should be calling this girl trashy for kissing and telling, but this is just too juicy to keep to ourselves. The smush apparently took place at the Miami Shore house, so we hope a clip of the two airs later this season. Come on, MTV. It'll be short and sweet.

Source: Star Magazine