Credit: Mejia / Asadorian / Splash News Photo: The Situation on the Beach in Seaside on June 29, 2011

Last week brought news that The Situation's former management company is suing him for $1 million after he supposedly fired them in breach of his contract. Gotham Entertainment NYC claims they jettisoned Mike to superstardom and then he cut them loose for no reason, but Mike is calling shenanigans on the lawsuit. He referred to his former manager as a "slacker" and, in a statement released by his lawyer, says he "did MORE HARM than good to Michael and his career."

Richard Wolfe, Mike's lawyer, went on assure that the claim "is filled with lies and falsities." Mike is ready to pay his managers what they're owed, "but no more," hinting that they won't get the seven figures they've demanded.

As far as Gotham's claim to The Situation's fame, Mike's lawyer hands that credit over to an ally much closer to the Jersey Shore star. He says that Mike's brother Marc "works tirelessly to build the brand that is Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino."

Well, at least the Sorrentino siblings have kept it all in the family, despite a volatile dad who's out to destroy his son while simultaneously capitalizing on his fame. (P.S. Michael Lohan called, and he wants his M.O. back.)

Source: TMZ