Credit: MTV, Mejia / Asadorian / Splash News Photo: The Situation Season 1 to Season 6

It looks like being sober is working wonders with The Situation's GTL routine. The Jersey Shore star, who was originally famous for his six-pack abs, has a new muscle group for the ladies to ogle at — his double-the-size biceps!

The Sitch was always toned, but there's just no comparison when looking at his Season 1 bod (left) and his Season 6 muscles that he showed off during yesterday's filming in Seaside (right).

After all, the reality TV star revealed in a MTV interview that before he got help, he was too tired to put his clothes on. Now that The Sitch has his energy back, it looks like he has the gym eating out of the palm of his hands. Keep it up, Sitch!

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