Credit: Instagram

We know Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is a big fan of expensive automobiles, but we had no idea he had this many! Sitch recently bought himself a brand new crib, complete with a huge new garage to house his massive car collection, and you won’t believe what’s inside.

Along with his Porsche, Lamborghini Spyder, and recently purchased blue BMW M5, he has a slick white Jeep and at least one other shiny black sports car. Mike recently Instagrammed a pic of his “new addition to the garage,” showing off a grand total of five luxury cars. Damn, Sitch!

Mike’s definitely living the dream as a a big spender, and we can’t help but wonder how he can afford this crazy collection and new house. Perhaps his new reality show spin-off will help with the funds.

What do you think of Mike’s massive car collection? Too much or too awesome? Tell us below!