Credit: FayesVision/WENN Photo: The Situation Prepares to Dance the Cha Cha Cha in the Season 11 Premiere of Dancing With the Stars on September 20, 2010

Sure, Mike’s got a DWTS gig, but Pauly D and Angelina have already confirmed their own spin-off series. Not to be outdone, The Situation is right behind them with a reality show series of his own. "As far as I know, MTV has dibs on it," Mike reveals. Translation: lots of free booze will continue to flow for the cameras.

As much as we’d love a show that documents The Sitch scamming for chicks, the series will be more about business and less about pleasure. Mikes say the spin-off will be about, “the business of Situation or family Situation, pretty much the inner workings of the brand Situation.” Watch your back, Apprentice. Mike has already cranked out an iPhone app, a t-shirt, jewelry, and women’s underwear line, a rap song, an endorsement deal for protein-infused vodka (for the days you want to hit the gym without sacrificing valuable pre-game time), and an ab workout DVD, so you, too, can have your very own situation. Phew. We can’t imagine The Situation running a business meeting. Is the shirt before the shirt proper attire for casual Fridays?

Source: Examiner

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