Wanna get a look at the goods that turned The Situation into an honest man?

Well, his “ride or die” chick Paula Pickard is definitely ready to show off her stuff for Playboy, and she wants Jersey Shore fans to help her get chosen for the issue!

Yep, Sitch’s little hottie has some abs of her own to show off, so she entered herself into a Playboy Miss Social contest to get a spread in the magazine, and she’s currently ranked number fifty-three with more than 93,000 votes.

Paula’s self-description on the site reads, “24 years old from seaside area of new jersey. work as a bartender at the world famous Bamboo Bar and a manager at Simply Sun Tanning in toms river nj. love playboy, love hef love the girls in it...no homo :).”

She’s got a way with words, doesn’t she? It’s almost as good as her oh-so-eloquent “love letter” from the Season 6, Episode 8 deleted scenes.

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Source: Playboy Miss Social (SFW)

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